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P Series Fiber Laser

Rapid Perforation

Rapid perforation, suitable for different thickness sheet metal porous batch processing.
Stable perforation, efficient cutting work, easy operation, saving time and labor cost.

P 시리즈 레이저


파이버 레이저 재료

Type Z Overweight Welding Bed

파이버 레이저 재료

Aviation Aluminum Gantry

파이버 레이저 재료

German Precitec Laser Head

파이버 레이저 재료

German Altanata Gear Rock

Technical Parameters

Machine Model Protection Type
Laser Power 3000W / 4000W / 6000W / 8000W
10000W / 12000W / 15000W
20000W (Optional)
Dimensions 8850 * 2850 * 23010mm
10800 * 3350 * 2310mm
15475 * 3970 * 2575mm
Working Area 4000mm x 2000mm
6000mm x 2500mm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Max. Running Speed 190m/min
Max. Acceleration 2.5G
Specified Voltage and Frequency 380V 50Hz/60Hz